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Ein paar offene Worte an ALLE!

Ich bedanke mich beim Benutzer “Recht” für die Vernunft, hier endlich auf Deutsch zu schreiben und seinen Ärger Luft zu machen. Wie er habe auch ich meine Aktien der Bitrush hier in Österreich gekauft und dabei ausschließlich Deutsch kommuniziert. Ich...

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Die Situation der BitRush für Aktionäre

Ein Aktionär aus Österreich Ich wurde eingeladen hier als Aktionär der BitRush zu schreiben. Da ich, wie im übrigen wahrscheinlich mehr als 90% aller anderen Aktionäre, Deutsch als Muttersprache habe, verwende ich diese auch hier. Ich weiß, dass auch der derzeitige...

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The New Court Order (April 17) And Next Steps

The application with the Superior Court of Justice in Toronto filed by Karsten AREND, Hansjoerg WAGNER and BITRUSH CORP continues into its 6th month. One of the respondents filed a motion and challenged Toronto as place of jurisdiction, and alternatively is not the...

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Results of Informal Shareholder Meeting

On April 11, 2017, 16 shareholders representing 68% (updated April 13, 2017) of the outstanding share capital held an informal shareholder meeting in Vienna to prepare for a Special Shareholder Meeting that is to be scheduled for Q2/2017. The meeting took place in...

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Legal Costs for Nothing?

As already set out in another post on this site the BitRush Cop management with Karsten AREND and Hans-Joerg WAGNER obviously deploy a strange new business model based on legal proceedings against the founders, shareholders, consultants and its own management, i.e....

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To Whom it May Concern – How to Manage Domains

We are not saying the BitRush Corp people are not really understanding the basics of the Internet and/or Web. No, definitely not. And, of course, we are not saying that BitRush Corp guys have no idea about Social Media. Nobody is an egghead because he doesn’t...

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The All New BitRush Corp Business Logic

Innovation drives development. Sometimes, innovation even disrupts existing business models for the better. But, sometimes, innovation simply is nonsense and destroys existing values. Over the last couple of months the board members Karsten AREND and Hans-Joerg WAGNER...

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Interim Order – The CEO May Still be the CEO

In the Interim Order the Court issued on March 20, 2017, it is ordered that the CEO Werner BOEHM has to hand over all Corporate assets in his possession and that he stops dealing with Corporate assets in his possession. This is OK as the CEO doesn’t have any Corporate...

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